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Women's shorts

Solid color women's shorts Aeronautica Militare 4682
Solid color women's shorts Aeronautica Militare 4682

Solid color women's shorts Aeronautica Militare 4682

The shorts from Aeronautica Militare are fastened with a button and zip at the waist. They can also ..

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Women's shorts

Stylish shorts are a must for any woman's wardrobe. Every season they appear in new versions as a fashion trend. This piece of clothing gained great popularity in the 20th century, and quickly became a favorite among popular movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. Shorts never go out of fashion, they are adored by both young girls and adult women.

Large selection of shorts in the AVIATOR online store

Our women's shorts store offers a wide range of branded products of various lengths, styles and colors. They can be made of denim or fabric, with a belt and ties, have scuffs, welts, and also inscriptions. Therefore, everyone can choose the perfect option for themselves. Here you will find the most fashionable and trendy models:

  • women jeans shorts;
  • athletic shorts;
  • bermuda shorts;
  • leather shorts perfect for a party.

It's getting warmer outside the window, and you are looking for an alternative to always up-to-date jeans? Bet on women's summer shorts - comfort, style and functionality. A variety of styles, rich colors - there really is plenty to choose from, in accordance with the latest trends in the fashion world.

Elegant Bermuda shorts - fashionable shorts for all occasions

Women's Bermuda shorts have been gaining popularity lately. Originally worn by men, they are now available to women as well. The modern version is somewhat narrower than the original, but the length remains the same - up to the knee. These shorts can be worn for almost any occasion without worrying about whether they are suitable for a particular situation. If you want to stay stylish, then the ideal solution is to combine them with a classic white shirt, blouse, loose tunic or golf. For a casual look, a regular T-shirt, polo shirt with a collar, a tank top or a strapless top is enough. These high-waisted shorts are a great base for creating interesting styles, from street casual to elegant or semi-formal. Since Bermuda shorts cover the hips, they are suitable for girls and women who do not want to expose their legs at full length.

Short women's shorts - style for hot summer days

Despite the fact that such a wardrobe item exposes most of the legs, it can be a great style at any age - for both an 18-year-old girl and a lady over 40. Year after year, women are becoming more well-groomed and want to show off their best quality.

A timeless classic, women's denim shorts never go out of style, especially with frayed legs that add a touch of rock 'n' roll. They don't have to be vulgar.

Women's ripped denim shorts, paired with fashionable sneakers, will not only provide comfort, but also give a youthful spirit to the look. They should not be worn with high heels if you want to avoid disapproving looks.

Sports tight shorts - comfort comes first

This type of clothing is ideal for those who play sports. These cycling shorts are made of soft elastic materials, are breathable and do not restrict movement during intensive training or outdoor activities. They can be used as homewear and even as part of pajamas. They will provide comfort in any situation.

Aeronautica Militare women's shorts in military style are also in fashion this season. Exclusive clothing with original emblems from the Italian brand Aeronautics combines an elegant look with complete wearing comfort.

Where to buy branded shorts in Odessa?

You can buy branded high-quality shorts for women in the assortment at the best prices on the official website of the AVIATOR online store. For our customers - convenient payment options. Fast delivery of goods to any corner of Ukraine.