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Neckerchief Aeronautica Militare 4735
Neckerchief Aeronautica Militare 4735

Neckerchief Aeronautica Militare 4735

Stylish accessory from the brand Aeronautica Militare. The girl will be able to use this scarf in di..

890 грн

Black women's stole Aeronautica Militare 4298
Black women's stole Aeronautica Militare 4298

Black women's stole Aeronautica Militare 4298

Putting on a stole from the brand Aeronautica Militare, the girl will always look very elegant and s..

2 530 грн  3 620 грн 

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Buying a women's hat in Ukraine today is not difficult, but earlier this type of clothing was quite difficult to obtain. The fact is that earlier hats were made exclusively from animal fur, moreover, natural fur, which made it almost impossible to make the required number of hats for everyone. But everything changed with the development of technology, which made it possible to create hats from other materials. To date, there are more than 20 types of hats, and the most popular of them are: cotton hats, linen hats, acrylic hats, wool hats, knitted hats and many others. Today, women's scarves are not just an element from the wardrobe of warm clothes, but one of the most unique details of the fashionable image of a modern stylish girl. This is the reason why you should approach the purchase of a women's scarf with great care. However, you should not forget about the root cause of the scarf - it should protect your delicate female neck from severe frosts and freezing wind. Women's scarves come in different types: large, small, light, woolen, decorative, and so on.


You can buy women's warm hats in the AVIATOR online store in Ukraine, as we have the most reasonable prices and we deliver within two days to the cities: 

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And if you decide to buy a fashionable hat from a popular brand, we advise you to pay attention to Aeronautica Militare hats. With them, your image is fully consistent with modern trends, the highlight of which is this cap of yours. However, do not forget that a women's hat should be not only stylish, but also of high quality in order to protect your head from cold, wind and dampness. You can buy the latest models of women's hats, as well as excellent women's stoles, scarves and headbands in our AVIATOR online store. Our advantages:

  • Constant updating of the assortment from the latest collections

  • Experienced consultants and a multi-channel line for communication with buyers

  • Many years of experience in the Ukrainian market

  • Loyal prices for original items from Italy

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