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Italian Air Force

The Italian army is considered one of the most combat-ready in Europe. And military pilots have a special honor in the country. The Italian Air Force is the formidable power of the army of a European country. And the history of the development of this type of troops begins in the 1900s, when the Italians first began to use combat aircraft for combat purposes (since 1911, in the Italo-Turkish war).

Composition of the Italian Air Force

To appreciate the full power of this type of Italian troops, it is enough to imagine the scale of the deployment of modern equipment and aviators. The total number of military personnel in this type of Italian troops is 43 thousand personnel. Among them are pilots, officers, mechanics, engineers. The country is armed with 470 modern, combat aircraft and helicopters.

What groups are the country's aviation forces divided into:

  • Stormo (in translation means "Flock") - an analogue of the regiment in the infantry;
  • Gruppo - squadron (Italian expression);
  • Squadrilla - a link, consists of a small group of aircraft or helicopters.

The basis of the combat power of Italy's aviation is the innovative Typhoon fighters. Their total number is 77 aircraft, divided among three "storms". The Tornado bombers, which are valued for their thickened armor, high flight range and maneuverability, consolidate the combat power. In the light combat aircraft category, AMX is represented. In addition, the composition of combat aviation includes aircraft for transporting military officials, for transporting equipment, weapons, and food.

Main locations of the Italian Air Force:

  • City of Ghedi;
  • City of Piacenza;
  • City of Sigonella;
  • City of Cerva;
  • City of Pisa.

Combat aviation aces training

Italian aviation is built on a modern training complex, where future pilots are trained. All over the country there are several academies and preparatory bases for practice. Beginners immediately get to the territory of the training center in the city of Latina, where practice is carried out on SF.260EA light aircraft. After that, future pilots study in the city of Lecce, but already on high-tech and powerful MB.339A fighters.

Helicopter pilots are trained in a special training center at the school in Frosignone. Experts note the high level of infrastructure for future pilots and mechanics. Innovation, manufacturability and maximum uniforms - all this is available to students from the very first year.

The best aviation groups of the Italian air force

The cult of military aviation and its status are supported by groups of aviators. One of the most famous is the Frecce Tricolore. This team of pilots performs on modern AermacchiMB-339-PAN fighters in a special, retrofitted modification. The purpose of the group is to perform at the show, demonstrate combat power, aerobatics. The composition of "Frecce Tricolori" (tricolor arrows) includes the 10 best aces of the Italian armed forces. It was founded in 1961 and to this day remains one of the symbols of the military glory of the country's army.

Ground assistance to pilots

The Italian air force would not have been such a formidable defender if it were not for the help of ground troops. Especially for the support of fighters and bombers, air defense groups were located throughout the country.