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Five best models of Alpha Industries jackets

Alpha Industries is a legendary American brand that produces military-style clothing for men and women, and also has contracts to provide uniforms for the US Army. Many fans of the brand are interested in the list of the most popular Alpha Industries jackets, so we will talk about them in our article "Five best models of Alpha Industries jackets".

When the first cold weather sets in in Ukraine, it's time to think about updating your demi-season wardrobe. In Ukraine, the weather changes quite often and quickly, so you should choose warm clothes only of high quality so that they can protect you from the cold and at the same time last for a long time. However, if you are a respectable business man, then in addition to quality, you should definitely pay attention to the style of outerwear. After all, everyone knows that a person is judged primarily by his appearance, and therefore outerwear, which catches the eye in the very first place, must be selected very carefully. Therefore, most men who care about their status and appearance prefer to buy branded outerwear, which is always made exclusively from high quality materials, and its design was created by the best fashion designers in the world. Alpha Industries men's outerwear fully complies with all of the above qualities. Alpha Industries men's fashionable outerwear is represented in Ukraine by a fairly rich assortment: Alpha Industries men's flight jackets, Alpha Industries men's down jackets, Alpha Industries men's windbreaker jackets, Alpha Industries bombers, Alpha Industries parkas and much more. But what is the most popular outerwear?

№1: MA-1 Flight Jacket

After the Second World War, the development of aviation proceeded at a rapid pace. Starting from 1914 and ending in 1965, aviation changed from shapeless and difficult to control airships to powerful supersonic jets. Conventional 5.45 machine guns were also replaced by heavy machine guns, hellfire cannons and TNT rockets. Such technological progress could not but affect the pilots themselves. The level of their training, the principles of instruction, the basics of flights have changed, and most importantly, the comfort of the pilots themselves at their "workplace" has changed. If earlier the aircraft cabins were poorly insulated and the pilots had to wear special clothes - jackets made of thick calfskin or pigskin with a wool lining. The pilots lacked freedom of movement, which affected the maneuverability of the already inactive aircraft of those times. So when the war in Vietnam began, Alpha Industries was given the task of making a jacket that would help protect the pilot's body from hypothermia, and at the same time give more freedom of action than the old warm leather jackets. This is how the MA-1 Flight Jacket was born. The first model was made of nylon and polyester, with a knitted collar instead of the old sheepskin collars. The famous orange lining, by the way, appeared much later, only in the 1960s, in order to make an emergency landing pilot visible to rescuers. Today, the reversible MA-1 Flight Jacket, like the single-sided MA-1 jackets, is already an internationally recognized classic of the Alpha Industries brand.

№2: M-65 Field Coat

This jacket has a rich history that dates back to the Second World War. In fact, it is a customization of an earlier model of 1943, which found a new life during the Vietnam events (which is already clear from the name, because the date of the beginning of the conflict between North and South Vietnam is 1965). The M-65 jacket has a design similar to a men's coat: it is long, reaches the middle of the thigh and fastens with buttons. The most important purpose of the jacket is to protect the body from constant dampness and moisture, of which there were a lot in the tropics. At the same time, the jackets themselves had a strict classic design, from which black M-65 jackets could be worn in everyday life, and they looked very elegant and solid. However, initially these models were made exclusively in swamp (for infantry) and dark blue (for marine units) colors. To date, the M-65 jacket and its famous false shoulder straps are almost a symbol of the Alpha Industries summer collections.

№3: B-15 Flight Jacket

An earlier version of the MA-1 Flight Jacket was made specifically for aircraft with an open cabin type and for aircraft that climbed to an altitude of more than 2000 meters. A distinctive feature of these jackets, which immediately caught the eye and which today is the "chip" of this jacket, is a collar made of soft sheepskin. It looks quite stylish, and at the same time brutal. Very warm, in case of bad weather it allows you to make a stand-up collar out of it and protect your neck and chin from cold and wind. As for the jacket itself, it is also made of polyester and has an artificial filler. Simplicity, reliability and style are the main qualities of this B-15 Alpha Industries jacket. 

№4: USN Pea Coat

Legendary classic black pea coat. A truly masterpiece piece of warm menswear that is a symbol of the Marine Corps of the forties. Marines, who were called "Black Death" and were afraid of even the most desperate fascist divisions, advanced in such jackets. For their brutal appearance and rich history, "black pea jackets" are still very popular to this day. Modern models of pea coats are made from high-quality durable melton. 75% is natural wool, which is processed in a classic felt way, and the remaining 25% are artificial additives to make the jacket more durable and easier to wash. The design of the pea coat is completely identical to the classic military pea coat: double-breasted closure, back slit, vertical pockets and quilted nylon lining. Buttons with the international symbol of navigation - an anchor and a mooring rope. It is best to buy this type of Alpha Industries pea jacket as a coat, and wear it, respectively, in late autumn and early spring in weather from -5 to +10 degrees Celsius.

№5: N-3B Parka

A real symbol of winter military clothing is the N-3B Alpha Industries men's parka. Made from nylon and trimmed with faux fur. It has two pockets at the bottom and two diagonal pockets in the chest area. The lining is made of warm polyester. The design of the hood is made in such a way that in which case it can hide most of the face, leaving only the area with the eyes open. This hood design is very popular in our time and many companies borrow it, but it was the Alpha Industries brand that was the first to use it. The N-3B Alpha Industries parka only entered regular use by the US Army after the 1950s, but is still hugely popular today for its ergonomic design, solid understated style, and comfort that keeps the body completely insulated even at -25 degrees. If you're looking for a warm parka that will last through many seasons, then the N-3B Alpha Industries parka is the perfect choice for you.


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