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Camouflage bag Aeronautica Militare 4698
Men's casual bag Aeronautica Militare 4697

Gray men's bag Aeronautica Militare 4459

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An interesting bag from the new Aeronautica Militare collection. A man can wear it every day, because it perfectly complements any look and contains all the necessary things. Made from quality materials in a striking grey. Made in a convenient rectangular shape and equipped with closable compartments and pockets.
The bag has a long non-removable shoulder strap. As a decor, it has a small badge with the brand's symbol on the front, as well as a bright patch with the "Frecce Tricolori" logo. This is a group of Italian Air Force pilots. Its name translates as "Tricolor Arrows". The main activity is the performance of aerobatics at the master level. In addition, the bag is decorated with another unusual element - a red ribbon with the inscription "Remove before flight" . It is interesting in that in real life, it is precisely with such tapes that those parts of the aircraft that must be removed before the flight are marked.

Подробнее о товаре
Gender Male
Category Bags
Fabric 100% polyester
Color Gray (ANTRACITE)
Height 28 cm
Bottom width 11 cm
Length 37 cm
Country of brand registration Italy
Country of origin of goods China

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