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New collection La Martina spring-summer 2018

The new La Martina spring-summer 2018 collection this year has become a harbinger of the most long-awaited event of the first quarter of the year - warming. Winter very stubbornly wants to stay on the streets of our beloved cities, but the first warm rays of the March sun have already begun to wake us up in the morning with enviable stability, and the sounds of spring drops and the singing of the first returning birds are the best way to tell that spring is already on the threshold. And it was along with the first warming that the Argentine brand La Martina decided to release its spring-summer 2018 collection, which became the most prosaic event of the year. It is this collection that we will consider in our article "The new collection of La Martina spring-summer 2018".

British fashion through the eyes of an Argentinean

The outstanding designer Lando Simonetti this year decided to dedicate a new collection for the warm seasons not to his homeland, Argentina, but to Europe. Consider the first country of those to which the collection was dedicated - Great Britain. Foggy Albion is famous for its soft and muted warm colors, which are full of cozy courtyards, narrow streets and even the roof of the Tower of London. This color scheme directly saturates with calmness and restraint, which is why the aristocratic and restrained Britons like it so much. Accordingly, the design is also quite consistent with these concepts. If you remember last year's collection, there were such models as the T-shirt Оксфорд or shirt La Martina, which had a bright defiant design, catchy patches and a creative print. But this year's clothes, the same shirts La Martina and Polo T-shirts La Martina, have very restrained and concise designs:

Sunny Italy from hot Argentina

The second country from the list of countries to which the collection was dedicated is sunny Italy. A country that is actually the ancestor of world fashion and in which to this day the most outstanding fashion brands of clothing and footwear are located. This country is known for the same hot climate as the birthplace of the La Martina brand - Argentina. That is why Lando Simonetti considered it his duty to dedicate certain types of clothing to her. Since Italy is famous for its seafaring, the La Martina spring-summer 2018 collection has a lot of nautical themes. A separate line of La Martina T-shirts with horizontal stripes are a direct reference to the famous clothes of all sailors - vests. But the collections of men's trousers and pants have a very delicate color of a shade of light aquamarine. This is the color of the sea water on the shores of Corsica, which is another reference to Italy and its motifs in this collection.

French charm in the Argentine collection

No one is more true to his refined and elegant style than Lando Simonetti. And he borrowed this chip from the French fashion designers, whose memory he paid tribute to in his spring-summer 2018 collection. In this collection, Lando Simonetti offered things that are ideal for the office, as well as for a relaxed day or special occasions. They look solid, elegant, and at the same time concise and restrained. This work featured cotton shorts in classic colors - the must-have items of the year, as well as men's linen shirts in a simple, casual and smart casual style. 

Thanks to the new unique fabric dyeing technology, all items from the new La Martina collection will look like new even after repeated washings. Another advantage of this collection is durability. The new fabric processing technology will allow things not to lose quality even with regular use. If you want to always feel confident and have a presentable appearance even on the beach or by the pool, you should definitely buy La Martina men's swim shorts. After all, only swimming trunks from this brand are a really high-quality and stylish thing. You can buy clothes from the La Martina collection in the official store in Europe only either in Milan or in Paris. The production of the brand itself is located exclusively in Italy. However, if you do not have time to go shopping in Milan, you can use one of the representative offices of this trading network. The official representative of La Martina in Ukraine is the AVIATOR online store. Our store provides its customers with a unique offer: only here you can buy original items from the La Martina spring-summer 2018 collection, which are created in Italy and Argentina. 


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