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New collection Aeronautica Militare spring-summer 2018

All the men who like military-style menswear have been looking forward to March. Not only because it is the first month of spring and warmer weather comes with it, but also because the most prominent military clothing brand Aeronautica Militare releases a new collection in March. For all those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the new products of the brand, as well as for those who are just interested in them, we suggest viewing an article in the fashion blog of the AVIATOR store called "New Aeronautica Militare Spring-Summer 2018 Collection".

Aeronautica Militare is a brand dedicated to the production of men's and women's casual military style clothing. Their annual collections consist of practical and comfortable clothes that help to maintain the maximum comfort of the body, and at the same time have an authentic understated style. Literally in each model there is a certain note of rigor and solidity, because all models, without exception, refer to one or another military clothing with their own history. But at the same time, all this is done without fanaticism, so that the clothes remain casual and can be worn for a walk, to the office or to the movies. And the Aeronautica Militare spring-summer 2018 collection is no exception. The official website of the Aeronautica Militare brand has been preparing for the release of a new collection since February, regularly posting backstage photos from photo shoots of presentations of the new collection, and just the other day announced a long-awaited event - the official release of this year's collection! This season, they decided to surprise us not only with the new design of T-shirts, pants, light windbreakers and shorts, but also with new patches that are dedicated to completely new flight groups of the Italian Air Force. However, some of the old patches from the previous years' flight groups are also in the new collection, so if you are a connoisseur of the Aeronautica Militare classics, then you will also like the new items. Well, let's look at it in order!

15° Stormo

The first flight group of the Italian Air Force, which is presented in the new collection, is 15 ° Stormo (15th wing). This military formation was reorganized in 1965 in order to create a branch that would specialize in air rescue operations. The main task of this unit is to provide search and rescue of missing people at sea or mountains, seriously injured, emergency medical transportation of life-threatening patients, as well as the rescue of flight crews. These missions are defined in "military parlance" as "search-and-rescue-SAR" in normal peacetime, and "combat SAR" or "HKSAR" in wartime or during a state of emergency declared by the country. Since the lives of thousands of people, many of whom are civilians, depend on the actions of the group, training takes one and a half to two times longer, and pilots who wear 15 ° Stormo stripes are real aces, having more than one hundred hours of flights in extreme situations. To pay tribute to these specialists and the true "angels of Italy's heaven", the Aeronavtica Military brand has dedicated a separate line of jackets and windbreakers to them in its summer collection. Therefore, if you decide to buy a windbreaker Aeronautica Militare 15° Stormo with the appropriate patch - get ready to catch the enthusiastic glances of girls all over Europe.


A rather unique moment in the history of the brand - for the first time, Aeronavtika dedicated one of its models not to a flight squad or division, but to a specific position due to the special specifics and responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the specialists who occupy it. Meet the Aeronautica Militare T-shirt with AEROSOCCORRITORI print! A bit of history: a typical squad that participates in a rescue mission, as a rule, consists of four people: a pilot (occupies the position of squad leader), co-pilot, SAR operator (multi-tasking expert) and, in fact, “Aerosoccorritore - ARS” (rescue swimmer) . Why is a person specializing in swimming on an aircraft - you ask a completely reasonable question. When an emergency occurs, such as a loss of control in an aircraft, pilots usually try to land on the most "friendly terrain" to minimize damage to the hull and, as a result, minimize casualties. And often the splashdown option is chosen, in which, unfortunately, there is a high probability that the crew or passengers may end up in the water. It is in such a rescue operation that a rescue swimmer is needed who is trained to rescue the injured or wounded who are in the water, under water or in hard-to-reach places (swamps, mountains, etc.). And he uses a helicopter as a vehicle. A very responsible position that requires a specialist of great physical fitness, as well as the ability to both deal with the obstacles that arose as a result of the disaster, and provide first aid to the victims before rescue and after boarding. It is simply impossible to describe what a colossal task lies before these specialists, you just need to understand that these people are real superheroes. That is why Aeronautics dedicated a number of models to them in its new collection.


Since most of the collection is devoted to rescue teams, the designers of Aeronautics could not help but mention the HH-101A. This flight unit uses only helicopters and they are intended for HKSAR and support for special operations. These helicopters can operate in all weather conditions and are equipped with night vision and infrared search systems. Men's T-shirts HH-101A Aeronautica Militare are dedicated to this particular rescue group and even have a helicopter print, which emphasizes the specifics of the units. 


"Three-colored Arrow", so loved by many in the previous collection of Aeronautics for its bright and catchy stripes, is back again in the current collection! "Frecce Tricolori" is the national training group and was created back in 1961 when the Italian Air Force decided to assemble a permanent group for the military training of their pilots (313th Aerobatic Training Group). The group currently has ten aircraft, nine helicopters and solos and is the largest military aerobatic team in the world. This unit has its own flight training program, which makes it the most prestigious in the world. Almost all of the group's aircraft are called "ponies" after Francesco Baracca's horse. Buying a TRICOLOR ARROW T-shirt or jacket from Aeronautica Militare is the choice for those who love bright and creative clothes that can draw attention to their owner. 

All models from the new collection provided in this article are available in our store in Odessa, so you want to buy clothes from the new Aeronautics collection - it will be delivered to you within 1-2 days. We also draw your attention to the fact that the Aeronautica Militare brand provides a guarantee for all its original models of T-shirts, shirts, pants and other clothing. This means that if the model does not suit you, you can easily exchange it for another size or color. The AVIATOR online store will be happy to help you choose the most suitable clothing for you from the new Aeronautics collection as conveniently and simply as possible for you!


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