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Military style in a man's everyday life

For every man, it is important that the clothes are as comfortable and functional as possible. That is why in the closet of any male, regardless of age and occupation, you can find clothes of completely different styles - from office-classic to completely sports. But usually most wardrobe items are made in the military style. Many are accustomed to consider such clothes as purely informal and "tourist", but modern fashion offers unusual models that are ideal for creating everyday outfits.

What is military style and when did it become popular

The “Military” style is clothes created according to the styles of military uniforms. It first became popular among the common population after the First World War, when enterprises had an excess of military clothing, and civilian outfits, on the contrary, were in short supply. The people began to reshape the soldier's uniform to suit their needs, thereby solving problems with the lack of familiar styles.

(American pilots in 1942)

After that, the formation of "military" as a fashion continued in the 60-80s of the 20th century. Initially, it was used mainly to express their protest on the issue of world military conflicts. A little later, he was so "rooted" in everyday life that men and women of all ages began to add more and more similar models to their wardrobes. These include loose pants, bomber jackets, overcoats, parkas, straight plain t-shirts, shirts, and chunky comfortable shoes. In addition, these garments were presented on the catwalks in the collections of the incomparable brands Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Celine, etc.

Types and features of military clothing

Today, there are many options for military-style clothing. They can be of different cuts, colors and shapes, but still they all have "military" features.

All styles, first of all, were developed in accordance with the needs of the soldiers, who must be assembled and ready for battle at any moment. Therefore, they simply need to have such clothes that will not cause inconvenience and distract from the main tasks. Modern clothing also adheres to this rule.

As for design, simplicity and conciseness are valued first of all. No colorful decorations and inappropriate details. Mostly used colors such as black, brown, green, gray, khaki. Often such clothes are decorated with a camouflage pattern, which is an integral part of the military sphere. Rough zippers, shoulder straps, belts, authentic chevrons, etc. are also used as decor. Many of these features can be seen in the collections of the Aeronautica Militare brand, which specializes in premium clothing with the symbols of the Italian air force.

In the wardrobe of every man you can find a variety of models in the style of "military". They mix well with other clothes, thereby helping to create stylish looks for every day. This includes trousers and shorts such as "cargo" and "chinos." They have been at the peak of popularity for many years."Cargo" have a characteristic feature - voluminous pockets located on the sides. Historically, they were used by the military to free their hands and still have the most necessary items of equipment with them. Today they are considered a fashionable element of decor, but they have not lost their functional task either. "Chinos" - light straight pants made of natural fabric, are an alternative to jeans. They were created as uniforms for the British colonial soldiers in hot India, but were subsequently distributed among the common people.

Basic T-shirts and shirts are "military" if they are made in a straight cut from natural fabrics and are distinguished by military coloring, in which nondescript colors predominate (white, black, gray, khaki, mustard, etc.). It is these that are considered part of the uniform of soldiers and are as comfortable as possible for the body. Shirts may have "epaulettes", patch pockets, additional buttons, etc.

Army shoes are also common among the civilian population. This is due to the fact that berets differ from simple boots in their functionality and longevity. They easily tolerate various weather conditions, are suitable for hiking, and also harmoniously complement casual looks. Their features are high-quality leather material, a massive and dense sole, which ensures complete safety when walking on slippery surfaces, as well as lacing to fix the width, which will last longer than a traditional snake.

Special attention should be paid to outerwear. The most popular models are:

  • pilot jacket - first became widespread among pilots in the 30s of the 20th century, it protects well from wind and cold, but at the same time provides complete freedom of movement; an interesting detail - almost all models have a "service" pocket on the sleeve, historically aimed at allowing pilots to keep a pen there for notes on the map of the routes traveled and a pack of cigarettes, which in those days was an invariable attribute of almost every pilot;
  • overcoat and pea coat - designed for sailors and had to withstand harsh weather conditions;
  • parka - is associated with a warm sweatshirt that helps keep the body warm with maximum comfort.

Buying clothes in military style, you choose comfort and reliability. Such things can be combined with various other wardrobe items, creating outfits in casual, sports or even business style. You should not get hung up on a combination of models of the same style and do not be afraid to experiment. Even one element of "military" in combination with classic casual can make the overall look more attractive and original.