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Marina Militare - a brand for real men

If you love military style clothes, then you have probably heard about such a famous brand as Marina Militare more than once. Today, this company is one of the most popular companies that produces military style clothes, which is why we will dedicate an article to them in our fashion blog called "Marina Militare - a brand for real men."

Today, military-style clothing is in the wardrobe of almost every man, because it is camouflage clothing and military clothing that is considered one of the most brutal types of clothing in a men's wardrobe. Nowadays, this clothing has long ceased to be an attribute of exclusively military formations and is the most popular type of casual wear among modern men. Men's military style pants go well with a wide variety of men's military clothing, and a variety of styles: with epaulette shirts, khaki T-shirts, camouflage T-shirts, pilot jackets or military jackets. A large number of appropriate combinations allows you to create the most unpredictable images in a military style, emphasizing the masculinity and brutality of the owner of this image. That is why the choice of clothing in military style should be taken seriously and choose high-quality branded clothing. It is this kind of clothing that is produced by the most popular European brand of naval military clothing - Marina Militare. Marina Militare was founded in 1917 as an ordinary sewing workshop that operated on the southern coast of Italy. Initially, the brand was engaged in tailoring exclusively sportswear, and this clothing was intended for sea sports: water skiing, yachting, diving, rafting, and so on. Later, with the support of Cristiano di Tieni, the brand received a contract to create clothes for the Italian Navy, as the level of quality and appearance of Marina Military clothing was at the highest level! 

However, by the 1960s, the demand for the company's clothing had increased so much that it was decided to expand the brand's influence and diversify to produce clothing not only for sports and for the military, but also casual wear in a similar style for ordinary people. After the diversification of products, one of the first types of clothing produced was men's pants, tracksuits, jackets and T-shirts Marina Militare. At first, the company produced only military-style clothes, since the main theme was related to the military theme. Later, the company switched to more casual models in a casual style, but in order not to deviate from the main "chip" of the company, pants came out with stripes of famous warships and naval formations. As a brand logo, the company uses a beautiful and stylish emblem that combines the emblems of four prominent Italian maritime republics - Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi. Thus, the reputation of the brand that creates marine clothing in military style is finally fixed for the brand.

The quality of the models should also be noted separately: all collections were made of cotton jersey, which was made according to the brand's special secret technologies exclusively at the company's original factory in Milan. Marina Militare signature jackets, pants, t-shirts and shorts always have a smooth texture that is pleasant to the touch, yet very durable. Thanks to this unique structure, they not only do not tear, but also do not rub between knees or elbows. If you want to buy high quality fashionable clothes, Marina Militare jeans are the perfect choice.

Italy is famous for more than just one brand of military-style menswear. For example, such a popular brand as Aeronautica Militare is also engaged in the production of casual military-style men's clothing, however, it does not specialize in nautical-style clothing, like Marina Military, but in pilot-style clothing. By the way, this particular brand has an exclusive contract with the Italian Air Force to create clothes for pilots and officers of the regular army. Buying Militare men's clothing in Ukraine is now quite easy thanks to the AVIATOR online store in Ukraine. Our store provides its customers with a unique offer: only here you can buy original men's clothing from Italy from the legendary premium clothing brand - Aeronautica Militare. All clothing models from our store are made in Italy at the original production of the brand and brought to Ukraine to the warehouse of our store in Odessa, since our store is the official representative of the Aeronautica Militare brand in Ukraine. This guarantees the fastest delivery of original Italian things Aeronautica Militare within 1-2 days to any city in Ukraine.


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