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History of the La Martina brand

Today La Martina is one of the most popular brands that produces clothes for playing the aristocratic sport - Polo. However, this is not just a brand that produces clothes for the game of Polo. This company positions itself as part of the very culture of Polo, thanks to which the spirit of this sport is permeated in all collections of the brand. Not for nothing, even the company's slogan sounds like "We are Polo". To learn more about this legendary brand, we suggest in the article "History of the La Martina brand".

The history of the La Martina brand began in 1986 on the most tropical continent in the world - South America. Lando Simonetti, a well-known Argentinean fashion designer, traveled to the USA at a young age to get inspired and get new ideas for fashion design. There he saw the same game known to the whole world, which is played by American aristocrats and English lords - horse polo. And the essence was not only in the sport itself, but in the culture of this event. People with a special status and reputation gathered together in comfortable, beautiful and elite clothes, took part in the tournament, rested and socialized. It was all elegant, beautiful and very soulful. Returning to his native Argentina, Lando Simonetti wanted to create his own brand, which would be dedicated to the game of Polo. 

The La Martina brand, amazingly, was created in the 67th year of the life of its founder. However, such a respected age not only did not play a negative role in the history of the brand, but vice versa - thanks to experience, it helped the company reach unprecedented heights. The history of brand creation due to the rapid development and rapid growth at one time shocked the world community so much that today this experience is used as a visual aid in world business universities. 

The first thing Simonetti decided to focus on was the quality of the clothes he made. Everyone knows the popular polo clothing brand - POLO Ralph Louren. This company also specializes in this subject, but produces luxury quality clothes. Its style and design overlap with La Martina in many ways, but the quality is lower. The fact is that POLO Ralph Louren is primarily aimed at ordinary people, most of whom would like to join the world of Polo, but will never be able to do this for a number of reasons. But La Martina clothes are primarily aimed at those people for whom playing polo is an integral part of life. Accordingly, the quality of clothing for such people should be the best. That is why all La Martina clothes are premium class clothes. It is made using a special technology and fabric, which is made exclusively for the La Martina brand. The name of this special technology is "Grasser". Its essence is that the fabric is made from cotton, which undergoes a special treatment, due to which the fibers of the fabric become smooth and hollow. This allows La Martina clothes to "breathe", and the clothes themselves become water-repellent, since water droplets cannot linger on linen fibers as they do in ordinary fabrics. In addition, thanks to this fabric, all clothes become very soft and pleasant to the touch, which is also very important for people with increased skin sensitivity. These characteristics make La Martina clothing the most popular among people who value not only style, but also comfort.

The secret of La Martina's success lies not only in quality, but also in the design of the collections. If we compare again with the world famous brand POLO Ralph Louren, then we can see that La Martina is a narrowly focused brand. He has no children's line of collections, no winter clothes and shoes, and all the clothes and shoes of La Martina are connected exclusively with the theme of the game of Polo. Simonetti made this a kind of brand feature, which made it possible in the shortest possible time to attract a maximum of buyers who were specifically interested in this type of clothing. In addition, instead of pompous advertising campaigns and various PR moves, La Martina in the first year of its existence simply took and organized its own polo tournament. Naturally, different teams tried to visit him, and as a uniform they were given La Martina clothes, which allowed them to see for themselves the quality and convenience of the brand's clothes. This simple and elegant marketing move allowed not only to attract interested customers in the shortest possible time, but also gave the company more popularity than any advertising. In addition, after that, the company began close cooperation with FoIP (Federation of International Polo). This made it possible, already in the second year of the company's existence, to conclude large contracts with Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and other major universities, the essence of which was to provide teams with all the necessary equipment for playing Polo.

At first, the official La Martina store was multi-brand and sold such well-known models of clothes and shoes from Timberland, Americanino and so on. However, after the brand entered the international level, the first official La Martina store in Milan became the flagship boutique of the retail chain, which today consists of more than 50 stores around the world. La Martina store can be found in North America, Europe and Asia, and of course - in the home of the brand, in Argentina. Traditionally, La Martina clothes are considered casual wear, but almost all models of the model can be used as sportswear. Of course, we are talking about clothes for aristocratic sports: golf, polo and so on. If you lead an active lifestyle and want to have an impeccable appearance without losing comfort and convenience in summer, you should definitely buy La Martina clothes in Ukraine. The official representative of La Martina in Ukraine is the AVIATOR store. All models of clothes from this brand are brought to our warehouse directly from Italy. This gives us one of the main advantages compared to other brand clothing stores - since all La Martina clothes are in stock, delivery of any model in Ukraine is made within 1-2 days.


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