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Polo t-shirts - classic men's summer wardrobe

Summer is the hottest and most active time of the year in terms of recreation. It is during the summer season that all men plan to spend their holidays, actively relaxing in resorts or playing sports. And every year more and more often on vacationing men you can see an unusual type of T-shirts, which has already become a classic of modern fashion. We are talking about polo shirts, to which we decided to devote this article.

T-shirts have been considered the best type of men's summer clothing for many centuries. However, despite their unique design and cut, men's T-shirts are still exclusively casual wear, but in no way suitable for playing sports in the heat or going to restaurants by the sea in southern countries. That is why in the twentieth century, brilliant designers create a separate type of t-shirts, which has a rather cool and experimental design - men's polo shirts. Summer men's polo shirts are made using the same technology as ordinary t-shirts, but they have one feature: they have a slit on the chest that fastens with buttons, fasteners, zippers or lacing, and the t-shirt itself has a collar like a shirt (actually polo t-shirts those that have more than three buttons/fasteners on the collar are called polo shirts). This elegant and simple feature makes it possible to transform and remove the very discomfort that arose with high humidity and heat. Traditionally, men's polo shirts are considered casual wear, but many models can also be used as men's sports shirts. Of course, we are talking about aristocratic sports: golf, polo and so on. 

Polo shirts are essentially a collaboration of regular men's summer t-shirts and shirts. From the polo shirt, only a stand-up collar and three buttons are implemented, and the rest of the design is completely borrowed from T-shirts. Some models also have small slits on the sides like classic shirts. This design is used mainly in the original version of polo shirts, which were popularly called "t-shirts", as they were used by most tennis players precisely because of these cuts. the fact is that a tennis player often tilts his body during a match and periodically there is a need to stand in this position for several seconds over and over again. Due to the resulting longitudinal stress, the fibers of the fabric are deformed and can be torn. But these cuts compensate for the tension due to the difference in the length of the fabric and allow you to make active body movements in the T-shirt. Athletes appreciate the freedom of movement in clothing, which is why polo shirts have become the eternal choice of tennis players and Polo players. As for this type of T-shirt in everyday life, they are very suitable for hot weather in combination with a high level of humidity, because the cuts make the T-shirt looser, which provides natural air circulation and allows the body to "breathe" even in the hottest weather. In addition, due to this freedom, it is polo shirts with such cuts that are ideal for men "in the body" who feel spacious in such a T-shirt, and in return it emphasizes the dignity of the man's figure and hides minor flaws.

Men's polo shirts are released annually in several different collections from a wide variety of brands, ranging from local to global fashion houses. That is why polo shirts have a wide variety not only in design, but also in colors. Among all the models, you can most often find men's plain polo shirts in the following shades: red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and many others. Also, brands like to create impressive quality multi-colored T-shirts. Most often there are models with a fashionable type of colorization today - "color blocking". And brands like Aeronautica Militare just love to create camouflage polo shirts, which emphasizes the "trick" of this brand, namely, its military orientation. In addition to the variety of colors, men's polo shirts are also known for their patches. Men's patches are very different: from animalistic patches, in the form of bees or snakes, as in GUCCI models, to more serious and solid models with patches, as in the La Martina brand, which uses the symbols of various teams and positions of players as patches. Polo. 

If you lead an active lifestyle and want to have an impeccable appearance without losing comfort and convenience in summer, you should definitely buy La Martina men's polo shirts in Ukraine. And now it is easy to do this thanks to the AVIATOR online store. Only we have the richest assortment of men's polo shirts of original models from various world brands.


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