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Calvin Klein

Buying underwear for a man is very important at any time, as a business man should feel comfortable and confident, and he can only feel this way if he is sure of everything. And for a business man, first of all, two parameters of men's underwear are important: practicality and stylish appearance. If you are a solid man and are also looking for underwear that meets these parameters - you should pay attention to men's clothing from the legendary and world famous brand Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein Inc. (Corporation Calvin Klein) is an American brand known throughout the world as a trademark for the best underwear.

The company was founded by Calvin Klein and his childhood friend Barry Schwartz in the not so distant 1968 in America in New York City. Calvin Klein has achieved such heights in the fashion world due to the fact that since childhood he was interested in modeling clothes. Therefore, he entered the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, after graduating from which he began working in various well-known American fashion houses. To create his own business, the designer was prompted by the desire to create his own collections of clothes, which were radically different from those on which he had to work in other boutiques. Initially, the brand existed only formally, since Klein and Schwartz only had enough money to rent an atelier on the site of the old hotel and purchase materials and equipment. However, the release of the first collection took their offspring to a new level, as the success of this very collection was indescribable. This allowed Klein to expand production and finally register the brand officially. Literally over the next two years, the name Calvin Klein became famous among the bohemian segments of the American population, and Calvin Klein clothes began to be in great demand. At that time, the brand produced casual clothes: dresses, trousers, shirts, blouses. To date, the range of the brand has expanded with the creation of women's and men's clothing of various types, underwear, shoes, watches, accessories and perfumes. As for the types of men's underwear, the SK brand tried to cover all possible aspects of a man's life and release a model for any occasion:
  • Boxers
  • Trunks
  • Briefs
  • Hips
  • Slips

The Calvin Klein brand is famous for its unique unisex style, which blurs the boundaries between the obvious difference in styles between male and female models and removes old hackneyed stereotypes. At one time, many minorities chose Calvin Klein precisely for the spirit of freedom that the brand promoted. The main trump card of CK today is a non-standard, brilliant, and sometimes shocking design, which attracts those who want to be extraordinary, stand out from the crowd. Another secret of Calvin Klein's success lies in the fact that for seven years the brand has been able to maintain its style, creating relevant, affordable and at the same time quite respectable watches. However, in addition to the "general" models for men and women, the Calvin Klein company is also known for its collections of women's and men's underwear. If you want to emphasize all the advantages of your figure with beautiful and stylish lingerie, you should buy original Calvin Klein briefs on the official website of our AVIATOR online store.

Original underwear Calvin Klein

Nowadays Calvin Klein underwear original is known all over the world for its high quality and rich style. In certain circles, the brand name has become a household name, which is the standard of ideal underwear models for men. The creator of the Calvin Klein brand said that he believes that every person needs to choose for himself the very model of underwear that fits well in shape and size, so you can feel cozy and comfortable. That's why Calvin Klein underwear is made to meet these goals. And for this, it must be made exclusively from high-quality materials that allow air to pass through normally and do not restrict movement. Soft and pleasant to the touch fabric is what Calvin Klein underwear is famous for. All original Calvin Klein briefs are very soft, pleasant to the touch, fit well on the body, and at the same time very dense and durable. The first Calvin Klein underwear collection was released in 1982 (14 years after the founding of the brand, which today is known primarily for underwear). In the first collection there was exclusively original Calvin Klein men's underwear with a wide elastic band, which became a kind of brand chip, like the red sole of Christian Louboutin shoes. To this day, Calvin Klein wide waist briefs are the most popular, which has led to the need for other brands to switch to the production of wide waist briefs. Each new collection of Calvin Klein underwear came out in a certain style, and each was unique and original. That is why today almost every person in the wardrobe has original Calvin Klein underpants. If you don't have them yet, or you want to buy a fashionable novelty of Calvin Klein underwear, we advise you to do it in our store. All Calvin Klein branded briefs from the AVIATOR online store are of high quality, in which we are so confident that we provide a 100% guarantee for any model of underwear from this brand. Calvin Klein underwear is delivered to any city in Ukraine, and if you pay for the purchase by bank transfer, the delivery will be absolutely free. Our store is the official distributor of original Calvin Klein underwear in Ukraine, so only here you can buy the best models of CK branded underpants at the most affordable prices and with delivery in 1-2 days!