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Bomboogie is a unique and new name in Militare clothing

We are glad to tell you the news, our AVIATOR team has started cooperation with another very cool Italian brand.

We all know that the majority of men prefer military-style clothing, which is represented by various equally well-known Italian brands, for example: AERONAUTICA MILITARE or a new brand that we will introduce you to in the article “Bomboogie: a unique and new name for military style clothing”. "Bomboogie" is a brand famous all over the world for its unique name, high-quality clothing for its comfort and practicality. He specializes in the production of men's, women's and children's clothing lines, which combine such directions as: Militare and Sport. Military, a military clothing line that consists of jackets, parkas and waterproof down jackets. They combine style, emphasize your personality and the most important thing about the Bomboogie jacket is that it is ideal for keeping out the cold. The new Bomboogie fall-winter 2018 collection will soon appear in our official AVIATOR online store.


Origin of the brand name Bomboogie

«Bomboogie» именно такое необычное название послужило первым пиком популярности для бренда. Интересно, почему эту историю называют легендарной? Компания Bomboogie была названа в честь самолета из США, модель которого называлась В17. На то время он имел большую популярность в рядах военно-воздушных сил. Название для бренда, было взято еще из периода ll мировой войны. В 1944 самолет В17 вышел из поля зрения всех радаров, с чем это было связано неизвестно даже на сегодняшний день. Так же в неведение остается судьба экипажа, который находился на борту самолета. Именно в честь героев-летчиков военных времен и была названа компания Bomboogie.


Bomboogie brand: how it all began

The Bomboogie brand is only 27 years old - it would seem that not many years, but it already has great success and fame in the fashion world. Bomboogie down jackets and jackets from the first collection of the brand brought fame to the company, which later served as the first step on the path to fame. Of course, like most Italian companies, the Bomboogie brand has its own peculiarity that distinguishes its collections from similar brands such as Aeronavtica Military. Namely, you should pay attention to the small-sized logo in the form of a propeller of the legendary B17 aircraft. In addition, there are less noticeable, however, essential details: a special type of pockets, unique seams and stylish fur inserts. Due to the great competition in this area, the style was chosen for the military-urban theme. As for the color scheme of Bombuga's clothes, one can distinguish shades of green (there were several of them), mustard, black, chocolate and burgundy.

Military-style clothing has long ceased to be a feature of only military services and today is one of the most unique and popular trends in Europe in casual wear, both for men and women. In addition, men still have an advantage when buying jackets, down jackets or Bomboogie parkas in the Militare style, since it is these models that give them great brutality and solidity. Now Bomboji's warm clothes are in the wardrobe of almost every man in Europe. Bomboogie jackets and down jackets, which brought the brand great popularity, are by no means the only part of the men's wardrobe. You can also buy sweaters, hats, parkas, baseball caps, bags, backpacks and other accessories with the logo of this brand in the official Bomboogie store.

Interesting Facts:

1) The first clothing worn by military pilots of those times were leather jackets.

2) Exclusively for Bomboogie, the Pozzato brothers at Officine GP Design. Created by a custom Suzuki GSX1100 Bomboogie, this motorcycle is a true work of art. “His philosophy is low visibility and black is his color”, under this motto lies the vision of the brand.



Where to buy Bomboogie clothes?

The choice of clothes should always be treated carefully and seriously, especially if it is the original Bomboogie collection. Our AVIATOR team is the official representative of this brand in Ukraine.

  Buy in our online store AVIATOR, you can buy any clothes brand Bomboogie.

-Warm clothes: parkas, jackets, down jackets and sweaters Bomboogie

-Hats: hats and baseball caps Bomboogie

-Bags, backpacks and other accessories Bomboogie

The Italian brand is famous not only for the uniqueness of its collections, but also for their high quality. It is thanks to this that Bomboogie clothing is considered iconic and durable in Europe. Everyone who puts on Bomboogie will feel free and confident anywhere and under any circumstances. Buying a parka or a Bomboogi hat or any other thing of this brand means that you will stand out, while not attracting unnecessary attention from others. The reason is that the company specializes in the production of clothes that are made first of all with high quality and without unnecessary details (minimalism is very much appreciated today). Our AVAITOR store is pleased to inform you that it is here that you can buy original Bomboogie clothing, which is ideal for the winter cold. All collections of the brand are created at the branded production of this unique company in Italy and are brought straight from there to our warehouse in Odessa, since we are their official representatives of Bomboogie in Ukraine. Our store gives you the opportunity to buy original Bomboogie jackets, down jackets, as well as other Bomboogie accessories in our online store without problems and wasting a lot of time. To do this, you need to place an order and we guarantee you fast delivery throughout Ukraine within 1-2 days to any city (Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, etc.). Enjoy high quality and original clothes with us. Happy shopping!


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