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Aeronautica Militare - men's collection autumn-winter 2018

Aeronautica Militare is the only clothing brand that, in addition to providing clothes for catwalks and boutiques, also supplies clothes for the Italian Air Force. Autumn 2017 gave the fashion world a completely new collection from this wonderful brand, and it is significant, first of all, not only for innovative solutions in the field of clothing design, but also for a completely new heraldry on clothing models. If you like the Aeronautica Militare brand or you just love military style clothes and want to know more about the new collection of the brand and the meaning of its chevrons, you should definitely read the article "Aeronautica Militare - Men's Fall-Winter 2018 Collection".

20th Group

In the new Aeronautica Militare collection, one of the most honorable places was taken by the chevrons of the 20th aviation group. First of all, it is notable for its luxurious emblem - a lion's head and a paw in the backswing, which are embroidered with gold-colored threads. A catchy, incredibly brutal and very creative emblem adorns the clothes of real men and fits perfectly into the color scheme of the line of things from the new collection. No less interesting is the history of this group. In 1956, the Autonomous Operational Training Group was established to fly the new F/TF-104G Starfighter aircraft. It included 4 regiments of the best Italian Air Force pilots. Later, it was this group that was one of the first to test such a famous model of a combat fighter as the "Cacciatore di Stelle". After the 2000s, the group was converted into a training group not only on new models, but in general on the most modern aircraft, as the Italian Air Force considered that pilots should be able to fly all existing aircraft models. Therefore, the name was changed to the 20th flight group, and classes began to be conducted both on real aircraft models and on flight simulators. To date, the group is primarily known for the use of the new Eurofighter Typhoon multirole combat fighter. It is with the logo of this group that, for example, the Aeronautica Militare longsleeve is made, which is made of cotton, which distinguishes it by wearing comfort, originality and high quality.

155th group

Since we are talking about long sleeves, it is simply impossible not to mention this long sleeve model with such a remarkable chevron, which at first glance looks like a creative designer print. In fact, this image with a black panther and the brutal inscription "First to enter, last to depart" is the emblem and motto of such a famous Italian Air Force flight group as 155. It was created back in 1941 as a ground response group. Immediately after the war, the group connected its history with the 6th Regiment, and in subsequent years became the main initiator of the re-establishment of the 50th Fighter Regiment at the Piacenza-San Damiano base. Today, the 155 group, better known to the whole world as the "Black Panthers", operates on Tornado aircraft, which inspires fear and respect in the eyes of colleagues from the air forces of other countries. It also played a role in the fact that in order to train and perform complex air defense tasks, Black Panther pilots take part in missions conducted in Germany and Sardinia, as well as improve practical skills such as the Imperial Hammer and practice various exercises. such as "Red Flag" and "Green Flag" in the United States. This practice allows them to constantly be on alert. That is why the longsleeve with the chevron of the 155th group of the "Black Panthers" looks very presentable and brutal.

"Tricolor Arrows"

The jacket in the picture is the exact lint of the jacket worn by the pilots of the famous Tricolor Arrows Acrobatic Group. Air force acrobatics first began to be practiced in the late 20s, at Campoformido Airport, in the city of Friuli, on the basis of the 1st Fighter Wing Regiment. The Air Force General Staff was convinced that the ideal military pilot would be able to fly an aircraft with maximum combat effectiveness only after mastering the skill, confidence, safety and coordination in all situations of piloting the aircraft. It was from the best of the best pilots of this regiment that the group "Tricolored Arrows" was formed, who ideally controlled their machines both in the free sky and during the battle. Wearing a pilot's jacket with the emblem of the Tricolor Arrows is like wearing a jacket with the emblem of the most powerful special forces in the world - the Alpha group. After all, these pilots are the elite of aviation. That is why the jacket with the Tricolor Arrows logo, which has just been released in the brand's autumn collection, is very popular. However, the collection is very limited, so it is not so easy to buy such a jacket - except perhaps in the official representation of the brand.

9th group

Since we are talking about jackets, it is definitely worth highlighting a jacket with the emblem of such a well-known group as IX, or the 9th group. In earlier collections, she almost never met, but in the collection of this year you can find quite a few things with this chevron, and the most popular thing with this emblem is this particular jacket - an exact copy of the jacket worn by the Nine pilots. The 9th group is a ground response group, was created on April 10, 1917. In 1931, the department was merged with the 10th group and the 4th regiment. Since then, the department has been operational and operates in conjunction with the regiment operating in its composition. The group was nicknamed "The Wonderful" - a term coined to identify the IX Air Force Group as an elite, always working under the cover of the "quartet". In March 2016, Typhoon IX Group, along with other Italian Air Force fighter units, took part in the Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base in the United States. They performed on their favorite Eurofighter Typhoon. Today it is one of the most popular groups of the Italian Air Force.

In general, the Aeronautica Militare autumn-winter 2018 collection is qualitatively different from previous collections both in the design of the models and in the heraldry used. In a way, this is a breath of fresh air for all military clothing lovers, as only Aeronautics can combine military style with everyday life style. If you want to buy clothes from the new Aeronautica Militare collection, you should definitely visit the AVIATOR online store in Odessa. Our store is the official representative of the Aeronautics brand in Ukraine and provides a new collection of the brand at the most affordable prices with delivery throughout Ukraine within 1-2 days.


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