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AVIATOR clothing store is an online store of branded men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories in Ukraine. Our store is a representative of the world's legendary brands of contemporary menswear: Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare. Here you can buy branded men's clothing and shoes from Italy. All models are original, made in Italy and have a high level of quality. We deliver to any city in Ukraine within 1-2 days.


Fast and reliable delivery is one of the main advantages of the AVIATOR online store. It is thanks to our men's and women's clothing store in Kyiv that you can buy branded clothes from Italy not only profitably, but also quickly. All models of clothes presented on our website are available in our store in Odessa, which allows us to deliver within 1-2 days to any city in Ukraine. Delivery of any purchase from our catalog is made directly to your home or any other address you specify. You don't have to stand in line at Nova Poshta, or waste time looking for a post office. You ordered clothes without leaving your home - you received clothes without leaving your home. Simplicity, comfort and convenience - nothing more. You can learn more about this in the "Men's clothing from Italy: payment and delivery" section. Another advantage of our store is the availability of exclusively original women's and men's clothing from Italy. There are no fakes or copies in the assortment of our boutique - only original models of clothes, shoes and accessories from such famous brands as Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare. If you like original clothes - be sure to check out our catalog. The third advantage is the absence of prepayments. Most modern boutiques require an advance payment before sending the package to the client. Fashionable men's clothing store AVIATOR trusts its customers, so we work without prepayments. You placed an order, received the parcel, made sure that the selected clothes or shoes were available, and paid for the purchase. Everything is simple, transparent and accessible. No pseudo-promotions, no hidden conditions and pitfalls. Our store is the official representative of the brands Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina and Trussardi in Ukraine and we value our name and reputation, so you can be sure of the impeccable level of work with us.


Buying men's branded clothing from Italy has become available in Ukraine thanks to the AVIATOR online store. Only on the website of our store there are expensive women's branded clothing from the world's leading brands. Each collection of clothes, shoes and accessories in our store corresponds to all the latest fashion trends and trends, as these are original clothes from Italy, and are created by designers and couturiers well-known in the world fashion community. Our store is the official supplier in Ukraine of original clothes and shoes from such brands as Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare. These brands have become world famous for their luxurious collections for men, in which the image of a man becomes more elegant and personable. All things in the catalog of our store are 100% original of the above brands. They blend perfectly with each other and fit well into the wardrobe of any modern man. The range of goods for real men in our store is represented by models of casual and formal business style. The design of all models is discreet, representative, and at the same time bright and youthful. Modern designers from the brands La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare have been finding the fine line in their collections between classic and modern for years, combining the best of both directions.


The AVIATOR men's and women's clothing store in Ukraine represents the products of three modern global brands: Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare. In our catalog you will find several hundred of the best original models of clothes, shoes and accessories with logos of these brands. All models in our catalog are originals. Branded clothing online store AVIATOR brought from Italy and is in our store in Odessa. The brands La Martina and Aeronautica Militare are very popular in Ukraine due to their exclusive collections of the best models, the style and design of which is extraordinary and bright. The Trussardi brand is better known for its exquisite collections of leather shoes and accessories, the originals of which any man who understands fashion dreams of buying. Do you want to diversify your wardrobe and become part of a truly world-famous symbol of modern fashion? Then you should definitely buy fashionable clothes from Italy from the brands Versace Jeans, Karl Lagerfeld, Lamborghini, La Martina and Aeronautica Militare and Trussardi branded shoes. These brands are known all over the world not only for their design delights, but also for their high level of product quality. La Martina, Trussardi and Aeronautica Militare do not risk their long-term reputation, so the production of each item is carefully checked by experts. The brand logo is not only a symbol of status and style, but also a guarantee of reliability and quality. Therefore, any clothes, shoes and accessories on our website are comfortable, reliable and practical. Buying branded men's clothing in Ukraine is now easy thanks to our AVIATOR range.


The AVIATOR online clothing store makes a unique offer to its customers: when you buy any product on our website, you get a nice bonus - FAST DELIVERY (when ordering from 1500 UAH) purchases to your home in any city of Ukraine: Odessa, Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and others. Delivery is carried out by courier directly to the door. You can specify not only your apartment, but also your office as the place of delivery, if you plan to be at work at the time of delivery. Delivery of all goods in our catalog is carried out as conveniently as possible for our customers. When buying from us, you will not need to stand in line at the warehouse of Nova Poshta or another postal company and pay for its services. Buying men's and women's branded clothing from Italy in the AVIATOR store is not only easy, but also profitable, as we have a flexible payment and delivery system.


Buying branded clothes in the AVIATOR store is as simple and easy as possible. We have any purchases optimized for our customers so that they spend a minimum of time and money, and as soon as possible they can get the desired thing. Therefore, buying in our online store is an ideal choice for men who value themselves and their time. If you decide to update your wardrobe with us, then for this you need to do just a couple of simple steps. To get started, browse the catalog of men's and women's branded clothing, shoes and accessories on our website. On our site you will find more than 400 items of goods, including: shorts, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, jackets, jackets, bags, wallets, shoes, sneakers and sneakers. All clothes, shoes and accessories are original and brought straight from Italy. Any models from our site are in our store in Odessa - all the items you choose on the site will be delivered within 1-2 days. After you choose the model you are interested in, add it to the basket and place an order. At a convenient time for you, our consultants will call you back to discuss the terms of the order, payment and delivery, which we produce to all cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and others. After that, you just have to wait until your order is delivered to your home.


Branded clothing, shoes and accessories in our store are multifaceted and focused on refined taste. These are clothes and shoes for those who want to look not just better, but excellent. In our online fashion store you will not only diversify your style, but also get a really worthwhile item in your wardrobe. Original models from popular brands, favorable prices, fast delivery and convenient payment - all this awaits you in our store.